I was on the telly!

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Hello all, how’s everyone? This is just a quick one because I think that a lot of you saw it already but I WAS ON THE TELEVISION last Thursday, talking about the blog. It was a morning television show called This Morning and it went very well, or at least I thought it did.

Mum was less convinced. Her very first comments afterwards; “Was your mouth dry? Your mouth seemed very dry.’ I don’t know how you know if someone’s mouth is dry – or why she felt she had to lead with that observation – but she thought I looked nervous at first but I got the hang of it as it went on.

Other people have been more flattering and I was delighted – with the feedback and with myself. (Thanks to everyone who left nice comments on Facebook.)

The opportunity came about when I met a lovely woman called Jenny Stallard at a drinks night for freelance journalists. It turns out that she’s a) Lovely b) knows a school friend of mine c) books guests for a day time television show called This Morning d) had been reading my blog.

‘If you ever want to come on and talk about the blog, just let me know,’ she said. Like it was the most normal thing on earth. ‘YES PLEASE,’ I said. Then panicked.

I figured that it wouldn’t actually happen but it did and on Thursday morning a car picked me up and I found myself having my hair and make up done and being directed into a ‘Green room’ where everyone on the show waits.

I got chatting to a woman who had moved back to her parents’ house in her thirties (been there), a bloke who was going to be on a treadmill throughout the show to test out anti-sweat products (he was panicked because he’d just been told that he’d need to do it topless. He didn’t in the end) and a couple of impersonators. It was funny and exciting and VERY DAY TIME TELLY but I was super nervous – so nervous I couldn’t even eat the free croissants.

I was scared that I’d open my mouth and nothing would come out – or that I would totally forget everything I’ve been doing for the last six months but I didn’t. It was good. As soon as I got on the sofa and started chatting I was fine. Quite relaxed, actually. I could have stayed on all day.

Here’s a link for those who haven’t seen it: (but I think you need to be in the UK for it to work)


And so that’s it! I’m now a daytime telly star!

Doing that show made me realise that I’ve come further this year than I think I have. A couple of years ago there is no way on earth I would go on television – the fear of public humiliation would be too much. But since doing the public speaking and the stand up comedy in January, my confidence has grown a lot. I did well tackling both those fears – much better than I would have expected. Also the stand-up comedy set a fear benchmark – almost nothing (apart from my finances) could be more scary.

Otherwise, last week was spent doing ACTUAL PAID WORK!! Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah. I was a busy little bee and got up at 6am every day to do it. I will do the same this week. It’s time for me to get onto the next book but I need to focus on the money situation first so please be patient with me.

All in all I’m feeling a lot better than this time last week. I’ve come to realise that I’m pretty up and down at the best of times, but add full time self-help to the mix and the extremes are a bit more pronounced. Oh well. It is what it is and at least there are high points too.

How are you guys?



14 thoughts on “I was on the telly!

  1. Without wanting to sound patronising, I’m so proud of you. Look how far you’ve come (as you said above).
    The ups and downs are only more pronounced because you’re more aware, or mindful of how your body and mind react to certain situations. Keep at it, you’re fabulous x

  2. Marianne – So many thoughts running through my head right now 1. You look absolutely gorgeous in the screenshot so I’m sure that totally compensates for any dry mouth problems, 2. So proud of you on the job front for taking care of business and tackling the scary financial stuff. Don’t fear about the next book – do what you need to do. We your faithful public will continue to be here whe you ready to pick up with the next one, 3. You better get used to the attention and publicity because my hunch is there will be a lot more of it for you in the future (hopefully next time you will be the old pro in the corner who happily eats her croissant while the newcomers freak out, 4. Girl, you rock! So proud of you. This is proof not only that self-help books can work, but also that you are someone of tremendous resilience and determination, 5. Everything changes – yes your moods fluctuate (so do mine quite dramatically and I’m a trainee counsellor for God’s sake!) but just let them take their course. You don’t have to apologise for not being chirpy all the time. Allow yourself the darker days, don’t fight them cos as they say “what you resist, persists” 🙂 HAPPY FOR YOU 🙂

  3. Hi Marianne,

    I always stop myself from commenting but I’m addicted to the blog and reading it is a little escape from my own work! I totally sympathised with your post from last week, I’m ‘writing up’ my doctoral thesis at the moment and my thoughts veer wildly from ‘this is totally rubbish and so am I’ to ‘this is is quite good’, generally with sleep intervening between the two states of mind. I think when you work and write alone 98% of the time crises of confidence are an unwelcome but inevitable partner in the mix, but then everything you achieve is (mostly) your own. I couldn’t watch the tv interview (damn Switzerland!) but I’m sure it was amazing. As is your writing, you are a truly wonderful writer! Sarah xx

    • Ah, Sarah – thank you! Lovely to hear from you. Yes being at a screen on your own all day is crazy making but there are a lot of great moments too. How many words is your thesis? When do you hope to be finished? At least with journalism the tight deadlines meant there was a limit to how much you could drive yourself crazy with writing/re-writing – I’m guessing with academic stuff it’s harder to keep on a straight line. Good luck with it – it’s a massive achievement to have come this far. What do you hope to do next? Mx

  4. Hi Marianne, made a point of watching the whole slot on ITV player last week and I thought you were great, you looked very relaxed, I guess your Mum may know you better so picked up on stuff but to us you looked great, and came across very well I thought.
    As you know I’m a big ‘F**k it’ advocate, and very much of the opinion that things do happen for a reason, and I couldn’t help thinking when reading this post, that your efforts earlier on, in doing the stand-up comedy, as you said, helped you with your confidence in doing the tv slot.
    Sometimes things do happen and we don’t know why, or even realise at the time, how they will aid us in the future.
    Sounds like everything is as it’s meant to be, and you are on your journey, just like we are all on ours. Enjoy your week, so glad you were able to do paid work last week too, I bet that was a massive relief. Keep up the good work.
    I have actually picked up ‘seven habits’ again and am about a 1/4 of the way through. Had it for ages, dipped into it, then put it down and picked up one of the many other books I’ve got. I really need to be a lot more disciplined (one of my failings!) in how I spend my day/time but hey ho, it is what it is….
    Have a fantastic week, loving the blog, it’s the most I’ve ever taken an interest in, or read fairly consistently – I think it’s the f**K it connection, but also I love self-help books lol
    Take care, Sarah x

    • Great re Seven Habits, Sarah. Am thinking of that for September -a good ‘back to school’ book. And thanks very much for the nice words too. Great to have so much encouragement. Let me know how you get on with the book. I seem to remember there being a lot of scary Venn diagrams when I picked it up before, many years ago.

  5. Wow… Yay for random opportunities!! And you never know who was watching!! Well done you. I love hearing those kinds of stories. Unfortunately I can’t view it as I’m in Australia but maybe you might do a few YouTube clips now that you’ve let out your inner ‘queen of the screen’!?? 🙂

  6. It’s about 80-100,000 words, and am almost, kind of getting there. Hopefully will have submitted the final thing by the end of the year and can convert it to a dusty library book at some point. Unfortunately the only limit with academic writing is how much you can know about something, so that mark generally moves the closer you get to it. Hope to get a permanent job at some point, but who knows! At least with writing there are many different avenues. Really loving the blog though, have shared it with anyone who I think will appreciate it xx

  7. Hi again, Marianne. Being in Canada, I’m in the wrong area to watch a UK clip, but managed to wrangle my way around some of the stops to watch the bits about January and February. Not sure how much time you actually had on the show but you were spectacular for the four-odd minutes I could see. You didn’t look nervous at all – very natural and personable – and I imagine your blog readership has ballooned based on that interview alone. Congratulations!

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