I have a Brazilian book deal


I have news! Really exciting news. The piece of paper I am holding in my hands is not a bill, nor a bank statement… it’s the contract for a BRAZILIAN BOOK DEAL. Yes, a BRAZILIAN BOOK DEAL. Shall I say it again, in CAPITALS?! OK, I won’t.

This little baby dropped through the letter box at around 11am. The contact is for ‘a literary work entitled “Help Me!” by Marianne Power (‘hereinafter called ‘the Work’).’ It’s me! And I have ‘a literary work’. It’s so weird, wonderful and bloody random, I can’t quite believe it.

Some of you might remember the post I did about not going ahead with a UK book deal (http://helpmeblog.net/2014/06/27/say-fk-it-to-a-book-deal/). At the end of it I mentioned that a publisher in Brazil had expressed interest but I didn’t quite believe it. Even when a contract arrived in May for me to sign, I didn’t believe it because the Brazilian book lords hadn’t counter-signed.

It might sound paranoid but I was brought up by a business man for a father who told us not to believe anything until everything’s been signed and the money’s in the bank. Even then prepare for the fact that someone will try to nick it off you.

So all summer I heard nothing and kind of figured that it might not happen… then the contract arrived again this morning.


And not only am I about to be big in Brazil, I might almost be solvent at some point soon. I should be getting an advance in a couple of weeks (touch wood, fingers crossed etc) and while it’s not enough to get me out of my financial hole it’s going to be big help and combined with all the invoices outstanding from my recent bout of work, I’m really getting there.


Literary fame AND money!! What more could a girl ask for?



This seems to be a new (somewhat annoying) self-help habit I’ve developed. I now mutter ‘Thank you, world’ every time something good happens … you know, the big things like The Secret of My Success coming on telly when I’m hungover and on the sofa last Saturday afternoon. (Do you remember that one? With Michael J Fox looking about ten, pretending to be a financial hot-shot when actually he works in the mail room? It’s pure eighties cheesy goodness).

So thank you, world and at the risk of getting all Gwyneth at the Oscars, thank you to all my friends and family and thank you to Rowan and Liane, my super hot shot agents. Yes, I have two – because I’m THAT FLASH. Ha.

I have even found a way to tie in this news with vulnerability because I get what Brene says about being how


Seconds after opening the letter and wanting to burst with happiness I had that very familiar feeling that: this is too good to be true/who do you think you are/they’ll change their mind/you’ll write a crap book anyway. This is what Brene calls ‘Foreboding joy’ – so not even allowing joy for fear of the pain you’ll feel when it goes.

My initial thought was not to write this post until the money lands and that until the money lands it’s not real… then I went down the whole ‘maybe the money won’t land… and it’s not real’ thought but F**K It, in the spirit of this month I’m going to be vulnerable and believe it’s real and tell everyone about it.

It’s made me realise that I have always played down everything good that’s happened in my life because:

a) I don’t want to get ahead of myself/too big for my boots

b) I have to put myself down before someone else does

c) It might/probably will go tits up

d) Nobody likes a show off

e) It’s not cool to get excited about stuff. Much cooler to pretend that little things like Brazilian book deals are no big deal.


So that’s it. Please don’t laugh at me if it all goes wrong or if I have some how imagined this. But I know you won’t. That’s another thing that Brene Brown says in Daring Greatly – being vulnerable doesn’t mean spilling your guts out to anyone, it means sharing with people who are there for you even when it’s going wrong, which is what a lot of you have been for me when I’ve been struggling over the last couple of months.

So THANK YOU and onwards. Rio, baby!!




49 thoughts on “I have a Brazilian book deal

  1. Oh my gosh, I am so happy for you, I have tears in my eyes! And I do not even know you personally! But following your blog from book #1, your writing is so real and funny and wonderful, I feel that I know you. You put into words what many of us are feeling and living through. You are going to be BIG in the publishing world, I just know it. I guess self-help books do help, you are living proof. Good luck with everything!

  2. so NOW do you believe in the law of attraction!!! Congratulations, we’re all rooting for you but will we be able to read it.. will it be published in English?? I bloody well hope so

  3. I don’t even know you personally but love reading your blog and wanted to say huge congratulations – jump up and down as much as you like and shout it from the rooftops – don’t ever play down your successes – your joy from them will rub off on everyone else!

  4. Much excitement!! And not go get ahead of anything, but once the book is written, you have a book! And there are subrights! And those legs could travel, baby. Happy and proud for you! (And why don’t we have the saying “go tits up” here in the states???) xo

  5. This is brilliant news, congratulations!! I’m always really happy to see one of your posts in my feed – partly because I like hearing about what you’re up to, partly because I enjoy the way you write and also because your posts have made me think honestly about myself, where I am in life and what I can do to haul myself out of a prolonged ‘low point’ in my life. You deserve success and the peace of mind that financial security brings; I hope this deal leads to lots more work. Well done!

    • Clare, thank you very much. I’m delighted my updates help a bit. How long has your low point been going on for? I can relate, I promise. The fact that I’m even able to write all this stuff shows that all in all, I’m in a pretty good place but that was not the case for quite a long time. Please keep reading and keep in touch. I hope things get easier for you soon. xx

  6. Congratulations – its working just keep grounded., nothing wrong in sharing exciting news just don’t start going to the coffee shop daily until the moneys in the bank 🙂 other than that Enjoy your success we are all watching how hard you are working to get where you want to be so you deserve it x

  7. Really happy for you and not at all surprised – well done Brazil for spotting a stonking story! Just started writing my own book so good to know some books do make it!! Well done!

  8. *Googles population of Brazil*
    200million people! That’s flippin fantastic – you’ll be a hit over there!! Congratulations!
    I’m not surprised – I really look forward to these blog posts. They’re relevant and useful without getting all preachy.
    Don’t forget about us when you’re basking in the sun on Copacabana beach… 😉

  9. So exited for your and very well deserved!!!!!! I was randomly telling someone about your blog this summer at our Summer Workshop and someone had left a copy of the daily mail on my desk (strange) and just after talking about you I opened it up in a moment of boredom to see your article on lost luggage (even stranger)! Congrats and well done, wonder if you will get to do a book tour in BRAZIL???/!!!!!

    • Ah, thanks for spreading the word Alex. Randomly I met a guy who knows you too, have now totally forgotten his name but he’s a violinist/coffee maker/Alexander Technique teacher who lives in London and also goes out with a girl called Marianne. Does that ring any bells? Small world. ANd yes, I would love to do a book tour of Brazil, who knows how it will pan out? How are you? How has your summer gone. Did you get through all the Money A Love Story exercises? x

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