About Me

Hello, my name is Marianne Power and I have an embarrassing weakness for self-help.

As sad as it is to admit it, I am that single soul whose only company in bed at night is Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, the would-be hippy who has a battered copy of ‘Little Book of Calm’ by the loo. If it’s promising to change my life in my lunch-hour, rid me of my ‘negative patterns’ and has Oprah’s seal of approval I’ll buy the book and watch the DVD.

At a glance I can see at least twenty self help books on my shelves, including: The Secret, Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Mars and Venus go on a Date, The Little Book of Calm, The Rules of Life, The Rules, Don’t Move My Cheese.

So have they helped? Have they hell.  Here’s where I am at the age of 36:

Relationship: Single. Terminally so.

Finances: F*cked (that’s a technical term).

Career: Stagnant.

Home: And here’s where it gets really embarrassing. Aged thirty-six and a half, I’ve retreated back to the family home to figure out what to do next. Nearly forty and living with my dad… not the dream.


Despite all evidence to the contrary, I’m sure that there is great wisdom in these pastel covered tomes, if only we actually followed the advice.

For 2014 I want to really put self-help to the test to see if it can turn around my life… I don’t have any set goals about where I’d like to be at the end of a year but I’d be really happy if I woke up every morning with a feeling of vague optimism instead of fear and dread.

I’d like my days to be productive and happy – and my approach to work to be one of ‘Sure why not, let’s do it,’ instead of ‘I can’t do that, I’d mess it up.’

I’d love to be in control of my finances for the first time in my life, and to be the kind of person who can open a bank statement without feeling sick.

I’d love to meet a man I could share my life with and build a future with – one who is clever, kind and funny and doesn’t mind the fact that I’m a slob obsessed with self-help. He’d find it charming. Ha!

So let’s see what happens…

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13 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Brilliant idea – looking forward to seeing the movie as I can imagine it will be very very funny but hopefully with a happy ending!

    • Thank you very much Jane! Your blog is great too – what lovely work you’re doing. How long have you been gathering shoes to help Gambian women? The name ‘Someone else’s shoes’ is familiar – has the initiative been going a while?

      • Hi there! We started gathering shoes around July last year. The charity also filled a container of aid packed with hospital beds, hospital screens, bandages, surgical packs, medicines, etc etc which was shipped to The Gambia at the end of last year. Volunteers are taking more aid in their suitcases this March – including shoes, teddy bears, toothbrushes, footballs, clothes and much more. Thanks for your interest

  2. Hi Marianne, I’m really glad I stumbled on this blog. What an interesting idea and you write very well about it. I have read a few of your posts already and look forward to catching up with all the others in time.

    • Julie, Thanks very much! Delighted that you’re reading. Are you a self-help reader? Do you have any favourite books to recommend? Do keep in touch and thanks again for taking the time to read and to message me. Mx

      • I have quite a few books which I always start with good intentions but I very rarely get to the end of them 😦 I often lose faith long before the end, which is why I’m impressed by your challenge 🙂

  3. Came upon this when stalking, oops meant searching, your details. Best of luck with the self help books, I prefer to use Google & go for the consensus between 5 or so websites. Even checked the perfect size 12 details & you’re right, you are

  4. g e n i u s.


    like, totally (as they say here in self-help-southern-california but it doesn’t sound nearly as amusing in my British accent 😉


    _sophia x

    • Hey Sophia! Love that I have a reader in LA. I was there last year and loved it. Wanted to buy a yoga mat, drink green juice and get all skinny and healthy and zen… instead of English and boozy and stressed! Thanks very much for messaging. xx

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